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Good news! Brand new SW80B is now on sale!

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Since its establishment in July 2013, xuanyun turbojet power co., ltd. has been committed to the independent research and development and production of micro turbojet engine. Through years of continuous efforts, the company's products cover 6 kg to 21 kg.
Recently the company's new product SW80B has achieved success and mass production sales, the product parameters and indicators to reach the industry-leading level! Below is the SW80B specific parameters size and photos.

Diameter: 83 mm
Length: 198.5 mm
Total weight: 760 grams
Maximum speed: 156000RPM
Idle speed: 50000 RPM
Thrust: 8 kg (environment temperature 15 ℃)
Rated exhaust temperature: 650 c
Maximum throttle fuel consumption: 270 g/min
Fuel: kerosene or diesel
Lubricants: 5% mobil pegasus ii
Regular maintenance cycle: 25 hours

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